Transfer Funds

Learn about the various payout methods that Coinshift supports.
Payouts are one of Coinshift's core services, but what is unique about it? Transferring assets in the crypto world, whether via an account with an exchange or directly through your own non-custodial wallets, is the norm. Network charges may be negligibly different, but the overall experience is quite similar.
Here is the catch – Coinshift allows you to customize the payment process through the following manners:
  • Single payout
  • Mass payout
  • Stream payout
Let’s discuss these payment methods in further detail.

Single Payout

Although Coinshift is primarily intended for organisations that wish to conduct mass transactions to streamline their payments and transfer of assets, it also allows for payouts to single users. Simply enter their wallet or ENS address and confirm the transaction when prompted. Even better, you can select the address if the person is tagged as a contact in your organisation. Fill in the details and the amount you wish to transfer, and confirm the process.
The Mass Payout option enables you to transfer funds to more than one person in a single transaction – up to 150 wallets. Note that the limit of 150 recipients has been set to avoid the excessive gas cost.
You have three different methods to fill in recipients' details to perform a mass payout in Coinshift:
  • Upload CSV- upload recipient details from a CSV file
  • Add from Contacts- upload recipient details from your existing Contacts section
  • Add More- add one/more recipients' details manually by giving the wallet address
You can also use the Add Batch option to create multiple batches in a single transaction. For each of these batches, you can set payment in different cryptocurrencies.
Yes, you heard that right. You can transfer different tokens (for example, USDT, MATIC, DAI, and USDC) to multiple users, all in a single transaction.
The Stream Payout service enables you to create, view, manage, and edit multiple real-time payment streams within their Safe. Our native integration with our partner Superfluid allows you to manage both streams initiated from Coinshift and non-Coinshift applications.
Using this feature, you can fully automate your payroll process, saving countless hours that would otherwise be spent on data entry. Set the stream once and watch it continue until you decide to stop it.