Why Coinshift exists.
Treasury management is integral to the financial viability of any organization. Those that incorporate it into their practice enjoy several benefits, such as significantly improved operational transparency and fund management with considerably reduced risk.
The advent of cryptocurrencies has served as the basis for the development of an entirely new and alternative financial system to the one that currently underserves a significant portion of the world. Running parallel to the onset of this alternative has been the evolution of entities that inhabit it, namely decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and crypto-related companies.
With the origin of the space as recent as it is, these organizations currently lack a robust arsenal of tools, resources, and capabilities that is taken for granted in the traditional financial world.
​Coinshift exists to change this by providing these organizations with practical and comprehensive yet simple multichain treasury and asset management solutions. It does this by delivering smart, standardized, and manageable treasuries spread across multiple blockchain networks, all housed in one single intuitive interface tailored specifically for their unique and nonconventional needs.
Last modified 1mo ago