Migrating from Coinshift v1 to v2

It'll only take 5 minutes :)
Coinshift V2 offers a superior experience, giving you the ability to track your entire treasury across multiple Safes.
Some additional highlights: - Aggregate data across multiple Safes on up to 9 chains - Live and historical portfolio tracking - View historical transactions and easily export these to csv - Interact with dApps directly from your Safe, with human-readable data [new release] - Get Slack and Discord notifications [new release]
On 30 Sep 2023, the URL of Coinshift v1 will be changed (replaced by v2).
On 31 Oct 2023, v1 will be sunset (formally shut down).
v2 provides a 10X experience and we want to focus 100% of our efforts
fully on building out the v2 experience.
Rest assured, it is very easy to migrate your data from v1 to v2
(takes only 5 minutes).
If you are a Coinshift v1 user and would like to switch to Coinshift v2, please follow the provided instructions below. Our team can guide you step-by-step through the process if you'd like.
If you haven't been whitelisted for v2 yet, please reach out to our team or refer to our Request Access article.
If you are experiencing any issues while migrating your account and data to the Coinshift app, feel free to contact our customer support team on Discord or Twitter.