๐Ÿ“ฉViewing Notifications in Slack and Discord

Access notifications on Slack and Discord.

You can easily view activity notifications related to your organisation or account through the connected Slack and Discord channels.

Follow the below steps to view the incoming notifications:

Step 1: Notification configuration verification

Ensure that your chosen communication channels (Slack and/or Discord) are appropriately set to your specific account or organisational needs.

For example, in the below screenshot, we have notification channels set up on both Slack and Discord for an account.

Step 2: Monitor Notifications

When a Signer or member initiates a transaction, a notification similar to the below screenshots will be sent to your specified channels. Each notification contains the following information:

  • Organisation Name

  • Account Name and Address

  • Transaction Type (if any)

  • Labels (if any)

  • Notes (if any)

Slack Notification:

Discord Notification:

Step 3: Responding to Notifications (Optional)

It's feasible to directly manage transactions from the notifications received in your Slack or Discord channel.

Note that, to address these transactions, ensure that you possess the requisite permissions on the organisation and/or Safe account.

For example, as a Safe Signer, if you receive a notification similar to the above screenshot, selecting Approve or Reject will redirect you to your Coinshift dashboard for further action.

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