๐Ÿ‘พAdd Members to Discord Server & Channel

Enhance team collaboration by adding your team members into the Discord server and channels for notifications.

If you are the owner or an admin of a Discord Server that's integrated with the Coinshift app for notifications, follow these instructions to invite and onboard your team members who are recognised as Safe Signers or members.

Please note that while the process for inviting members is consistent across both public and private channels, a specific step is required for adding members to the private channels, accessible only to server owners.

Invite Users to the Discord server (Public Channel)

Navigate to your Discord server.

Click on the dropdown next to the server name and select Invite People.

Choose the users you wish to invite or copy the invitation link to share.

Invitees must click on the Join button to access the server.

On joining, they will automatically be granted access to all public channels on the server.

Subsequently, users can access their Coinshift dashboard and initiate a connection to the specified Discord server.

Inviting Users to Private Channels

Navigate to your desired private channel.

Click on the Invite People option.

Choose the desired users or share the invitation link.

Invitees will receive a prompt similar to the one described earlier.

Upon clicking the Join button, they will be added as a member to the Discord server.

Granting Access to a Private Channel

Within the private channel, click on the channel's Settings icon.

Navigate to the Permissions tab. Next, look for the Add members or roles button and click on it.

From the displayed list, select the users you wish to grant access to this private channel.

Once this is done, the chosen members will have visibility and can access the private channel within the Discord server.

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