๐Ÿ””Setup Notifications

Speed up transaction signing by setting up Slack or Discord notifications.

With Slack or Discord notifications for transactions, you can:

  • Speed up multi-sig transaction signing

  • Reduce the administrative burden of async collaboration

  • Get instant notifications at each stage of the transaction lifecycle, giving you peace of mind

Notification levels

As Coinshift offers the capability to aggregate multiple accounts under a single organisation, you can set the notification preferences at the following options:

Organisational Level

Obtain updates about transactions spanning all accounts within the organisation. Consider using this option if the Signers are consistent across multiple Safes, or if your organisation has only 1 or 2 Safes.

Setup Guides:

Account Level

Configure notifications to focus solely on specific account activities. Use this option when each Safe has a different Signers.

Setup Guides:

Check the following articles to gain further insight into managing the notifications for your Safe accounts:

Check the FAQ page to know the solution to the most common queries on Notifications:

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