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Sign up as a new user and start your journey on Coinshift.

Once you've received an email from the Coinshift team granting you access to the app, you can sign up and complete onboarding.

Follow these steps to sign up for the Coinshift application.

Step 1: Accessing the Coinshift app

Follow the link provided in the email that you have received from the Coinshift team or visit the Coinshift app directly.

Next, click on the Connect Wallet button to connect your wallet.

Make sure to use the same wallet address that you used for requesting access to the Coinshift app.

As your access request has been approved, you will see the option to Log In or Create an account once your wallet is connected.

Currently, it is not possible to log in using smart contract wallets such as Gnosis Safe. Users are advised to use their web3 wallet to login.

Step 2: Sign Up

As a new user, click on Sign Up to open the signup page. Enter the following details:

  • Name

  • Email (optional)

  • Job title (optional)

Step 3: Confirm ownership

Click on Sign Up and sign a message to confirm that you are the owner of the wallet address. This will not trigger a transaction.

By signing, you won't give Coinshift access to perform any actions on your behalf. Signing is only required to confirm that you are the owner of the wallet address.

After signing the message, your user profile is created, and it is connected to the Coinshift app with the desired wallet address.

You will now see the option to create a new organisation on your screen. Read our next article to learn how to Create a New Organisation.

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