๐Ÿ’ธAdd Existing Safes

Add Safes to track assets, manage historical transactions and execute transactions.

Add one or more existing Safes and complete your onboarding.

Follow these steps to add an existing Safe to your organisation on Coinshift.

Step 1: Select and add existing Safes to your account

In the Add Accounts section, select the Add Existing Safes option. A list of automatically detected Safes linked to your wallet will appear. Select the check box adjacent to the desired Safe. You can select as many Safes as you want.

Step 1. a: Incorporate read-only Safes (optional)

At this step, you can also find the Add More Safes option (highlighted in the above screenshot). Optionally, incorporate read-only Safes by using this feature, and track their activities.

Adding more Safes is an optional step, and you can skip it if you want.

To add more Safes, click on the Add More Safes button and enter the following details for the Safes:

  • Network

  • Safe Address

  • Name (optional)

Use the Add More button (highlighted below) to add as many Safes (read-only) as you want.

After entering the mandatory details, click on Confirm.

Step 2: Review Safe Signers and invite additional Members

Examine the wallet addresses of Safe Signers associated with Safe. Optionally, extend invitations to Members for joining the Safe via the Add More Members function (highlighted in the below screenshot).

Adding a Member is an optional step, and you can skip it if you want.

To add more Members, click on the button highlighted in the above screenshot. Next, enter the wallet address of the Member whom you wish to add. Add additional Members if necessary by using the Add More button (highlighted below).

Once done, click on the Confirm button.

Step 3: Confirm Safe details and complete import

Review the summary of the Safe, including its address, threshold, network, and Signersโ€™ addresses.

Click on Import X Safe to confirm and complete the import where [X] corresponds to the number of Safes being imported.

Step 4: Verify added Safes

Once done, you will be redirected to the Overview section of your Coinshift dashboard. Verify the added Safe in your organisation via the Accounts tab.

After integrating an existing Safe, you can explore the following additional Coinshift features to enhance your experience.

Migrate Data from Coinshift v1 to v2

Choose this option if you have imported an existing Safe from v1 and now wish to migrate the associated data into v2.

Create a New Safe

Check this article if you want to create a New Safe for your team.

Add Signers

Check this article if you wish to add more Signers to a Safe.

Add Members

Read this article if you want to add more Members to the Safe.

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