Add Accounts (Safes, Wallets, etc.)

Add one or more accounts from multiple networks to manage crypto assets through Coinshift’s unified dashboard.
After creating a new organisation, you can add accounts to complete the onboarding process. Coinshift allows you to add multiple accounts across all supported networks, and conveniently displays data in a unified dashboard.
Within Coinshift, accounts may take the form of Safes, wallets, or smart contracts, all of which facilitate the secure storage of crypto assets.
Coinshift adheres to a self-custody approach and does not take control over your funds. By leveraging battle-tested self-custody primitives, such as multi-sig Safes, we prioritise the security of your assets.
Complete onboarding by adding accounts and inviting members to your organisation.
Add Existing Wallets
Learn to integrate browser or hardware wallets (EOAs) for asset tracking and historical transaction management.
coming soon
Add Existing Smart Contracts
Learn how to integrate existing smart contracts, including vesting schedules, DeFi protocols, and more, for asset management.
coming soon