Joining an Existing Organisation

How to join an existing organisation with an invitation.
Safe Signers have the ability to invite other users (either as a Signer or Member) to join their organisation. If you have received an invitation to join an existing organisation, you will need to Sign Up for the Coinshift app to accept the invitation. Alternatively, you can decline the invitation if you do not wish to join the organisation.
Make sure to use the same Metamask address to sign up for the Coinshift app that the Main Signers used when creating the Safe.
If the application still directs you to the Request Access page, there could be two possibilities:
  • Incorrect wallet address
  • Invitation not sent
Verify your wallet address with your team members. If the wallet address is correct, it's possible that you have not been invited to join the organisation. In this case, ask them to invite you as Signer or Member (whichever is suitable for your role). Refer to our guide for instructions on how to invite Signers and Members to your organisation.
The process for joining an existing organisation is the same for both Signers and Members. Invited people can refer to these same steps to Sign up and accept the invitation.
Follow the below steps to join an existing organisation and make the most of your Coinshift experience.

Step 1: Connect your wallet and Sign Up for Coinshift app

Connect your wallet with the Coinshift app. Once your wallet is connected, you may see a message on your screen directing you to Sign Up for the application.
Fill in the following details:
  • Name
  • Email (optional)
  • Job Title (optional)
confirm the process by clicking on the Sign Up button.

Step 2: Accept or decline organisation invitation

After completing the sign-up process, you can see the invitation to join the organisation, along with a reject button.
Press the Accept button if you wish to join the organisation or press Reject to decline the offer.

Step 3: Access the organisation dashboard

Upon acceptance, you will be redirected to the organisation dashboard.
Check the Members section to see your organisation grow as new Signers or Members are added to the list!