๐Ÿ””FAQ: Notifications

Frequently asked questions about Notifications and troubleshooting.

General Notifications

When I create or import an account, will I get Slack or Discord notifications at the organisational level?

Currently, our notification system is designed to send alerts only for proposals and transactions. You will not receive Slack or Discord notifications when you create or import a Safe into the organisation.

How often will I receive notifications on Slack and Discord? Can I set frequency preferences?

Notifications will be sent for every on-chain activity associated with your account or organisation on both Slack and Discord. At the moment, there is no option to adjust the frequency of these notifications. Therefore, you will receive alerts for all relevant activities as they occur.

Slack Integration

How do I set up Coinshift notifications on my Slack channel?

Coinshift notifications can be configured for Slack at two levels:

For a step-by-step guide on how to set these up, please refer to the linked article.

Are there any specific permissions or roles needed in my Slack workspace to set up Coinshift notifications?

Yes, to integrate Coinshift notifications with Slack, you must have the necessary permissions to install external apps within your Slack workspace. Navigate to your Slack settings and ensure that you've authorised the Coinshift integration. Additionally, workspace administrators may need to approve the integration if there are restrictions in place.

Discord Integration

How can I integrate Coinshift notifications with my Discord server?

Coinshift notifications can be configured on Discord at two levels:

For a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this integration, please refer to the linked article.

Ensure you have the required permissions on the Discord server to facilitate the integration.

Can I direct Coinshift notifications to a specific channel within my Discord server?

Certainly. When setting up Coinshift notifications on Discord, you can choose a specific channel for delivery. It's a good practice to create and dedicate channels for individual accounts or organisational notifications, ensuring that important updates are organised and easily identifiable.

What are the required permissions for integrating Coinshift with Discord?

To integrate Coinshift with Discord, you need to have permission to access the desired Discord server. Without permission, you will be unable to locate the server during the Coinshift app integration process.

I want to set up a private Discord channel to receive notifications. How can I do it?

To get notifications in a private Discord channel, first, ensure the Coinshift Roles & Bot have access to that channel. Then, configure the notifications to be sent there. For a step-by-step guide, refer to the provided article.

Security & Privacy

Are my organisational data and activities secure when integrating Slack and Discord with Coinshift?

Yes, your data security is a priority. When you integrate Coinshift with Slack or Discord, the application only receives permissions to send notifications. It does not gain access to your personal or organisational details, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your information.

How can I disable notifications for my Coinshift account or organisation on Slack or Discord?

If you decide not to receive notifications on Slack or Discord, you can easily disconnect it. Refer to the steps provided in the linked article to achieve the disconnection process for either Slack, Discord, or both platforms. Ensure you follow the steps thoroughly to guarantee a complete disconnection.

Can other members of my Slack workspace or Discord server see my Coinshift notifications?

Coinshift notifications are specific to individual integrations. Every Signer/Member who wants to receive these notifications needs to set up the integration from their own dashboard. Notifications will be visible in the channels where they are directed. If you are an admin, think carefully about where you send these notifications. To ensure privacy and limit visibility, restrict the channel only to the eligible Signers/Members. If you want to keep things extra private, use private channels.


I encountered an error stating โ€œSomething went wrong while authorising this appโ€ when trying to set up Slack notifications for my Coinshift organisations or accounts. What should I do?

To set up Slack notifications with Coinshift, users need to ensure they've granted permission for external apps to be installed in their Slack workspace. Check your Slack settings and allow the integration.

Please contact customer support if you have questions about Coinshift that remain unanswered after reading this documentation or are in need of tech support. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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