Understanding users and their roles in Coinshift.

Within the Coinshift application, users are responsible for managing and controlling treasury-related activities. Linked to a 'Safe,' users are divided into two primary roles:

  • Signers (Owners)- The key players in a Safe, forming the core of the multi-signatory team. Responsible for approving or rejecting all on-chain transactions within Coinshift

  • Members (Non-Signers)- Enhance treasury operations' efficiency through proposal creation and other contributions without signing rights

Each role comes with its unique set of responsibilities and permissions, promoting efficient treasury management. This role clarity enhances security, workflow, and productivity in the application.

Advantages of User roles:

  • Optimised Efficiency: By inheriting system-defined permissions, users bypass the need for individual permission settings

  • Productivity and Cost Reduction- Delegating administrative duties to Members aids in cost reduction and productivity enhancement

  • Enhanced Security: Limiting access to sensitive data mitigates potential security risks

  • Time-saving- Assigning routine tasks to Members allows Signers more time for critical duties

  • Minimised Errors: Distributing tasks among Members reduces the chance of errors

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