A proposal is a suggestion or request for action related to your Safe. Coinshift Proposals helps crypto organizations better manage their Multi-sig treasury transactions on top of Safe.
Both Signers and non-signers of an organization can create proposals. However, only the Safe Signer can accept/ discard it.
Proposals are initially kept off-chain. That means, when the Safe owners (Members) initiate a proposal, it doesn’t directly go to the other Safe owners for approval. Safe Owners are first notified of all incoming Proposals.
When a signer approves a proposal, Coinshift then takes it on-chain as a transaction for execution.
If a signer rejects the proposal, it will appear in the Discarded Proposals section of your dashboard.
Coinshift Proposals help address several common pain points when managing your treasury, including the following:
Proposals reduce the administrative burden on signers, minimize errors, increase flexibility, and lower gas fees.
Our aim is to save you time while delivering a streamlined experience and reduced gas fees. Read our next article to learn how you can check the Active and discarded proposals.