๐Ÿ“ฌProposal Management

Understand how the proposal works in Coinshift.

Proposals are an integral component of Coinshift's approach to simplifying treasury management.

Now let us understand how the proposal management process happens in Coinshift:

1. Create a Proposal

In Coinshift, any member of the organisation - including both Signers and Members - can initiate a proposal. This usually occurs when the organisation desires to modify the core parameters of a Safe such as adding or removing a Signer or initiating a Mass or Stream Payout.

2. View the Proposal

When a proposal is initiated, it is not directly sent to other Safe Signers for approval. Instead, Safe Signers are notified of the new proposal and can review the details at their convenience from the dashboard under the Transaction section-> Proposals tab.

3. Action on Proposals

After receiving a proposal notification, Safe Signers can either approve or discard the proposal.

If a proposal is approved, Coinshift moves the proposal on-chain and places it into the transaction queue for execution. These transactions must be executed in the order they are queued.

If a proposal is rejected, it is moved to the Discarded Proposals section on the dashboard. This action occurs off-chain and does not require a gas fee.

4. Threshold

Each Safe requires a predefined threshold by the organisation. This threshold represents the minimum number of Signers required to execute a transaction. Once this threshold is met, the transaction is automatically submitted to the network.

Note that, the threshold must be met for both approval and rejection of a transaction.

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