๐Ÿ†•Add Labels and Notes

Organising transactions with labels and notes.

Coinshift allows you to enhance treasury management within your organisation by enabling the addition of labels and notes to transactions.

This feature allows you to annotate critical information for any transaction, irrespective of its status in the Proposal, Queue, or History tab, promoting easy communication and collaboration throughout your organisation.

Follow the steps below to incorporate notes and labels into a transaction:

Step 1: Locate the labels and notes section

Navigate to the Transaction section. Choose a transaction from the Proposal, Queue, or History tab. You will find the labels and notes fields situated at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Input labels and notes for transactions

Prior to adding a label, you are required to define it. Refer to our guide for detailed instructions on label creation. Enter any appropriate remarks in the Notes field.

Once completed, the transaction will be labeled accordingly. To review the notes associated with a transaction, simply expand the transaction information.

By adding labels and notes, you can enhance communication within your treasury management processes.

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