Transaction Management

Understanding transactions in Coinshift in detail.
Transactions, as the core of all operational inflow and outflow, play a crucial role in the financial activities of businesses and organisations. In an increasingly complex business landscape, it is important to have a robust transaction management and monitoring system to accurately track, audit, and manage each transaction across the organisation.
Coinshift offers a simple interface designed to meet this need, allowing organisations to easily manage their financial operations. The application's foundation is its Safes, which are multi-signature wallets requiring only a pre-set threshold of signatures for transaction execution. This streamlines the process, eliminating the need for unanimous owner approval.
In situations where transactions are approved by other Safe Signers, and further investigation into the transaction details is required, Coinshift provides a user-friendly dashboard for easy access to the necessary information. This level of transparency and control ensures professional and efficient financial management within the organisation.
The Transaction section in Coinshift provides detailed information regarding each transaction, allowing users to understand who initiated it when it occurred, and the rationale behind it. Key data fields include:
  • Created On
  • Description
  • Safe Address along with Name (if any)
  • TX Hash
  • Amount
  • Status
  • Executed By
  • Labels (if any)
  • Notes (if any)
Under the Transaction tab, you will find various sections providing insights into ongoing (Proposals), queued (Queue), or past (History) transactions.
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