Hardware Wallet Support

Guidance for Ledger and Trezor users.
Hardware wallets provide the most secure method for safeguarding cryptocurrency assets by isolating private keys from the internet, ensuring complete custody.
Recognising the risks associated with managing substantial amounts of assets in an organisation's treasury and the importance of maintaining control over funds, Coinshift has integrated support for hardware devices. This feature allows users to connect their devices to the application, access their organisation, and use the Safe, all while retaining full custody of their treasury assets.
​Coinshift currently offers compatibility with the following hardware devices:
Explore the following articles in this section for more information:
Please note that there is no difference in features and functionality when accessing the Safe via a hardware device or a Web3 wallet. The sole distinction resides in the transaction approval procedure.
As a hardware wallet user, you may consult our generic articles and FAQs for reference or to address any inquiries. For further assistance, please contact our support team Discord.