๐ŸŽฏPortfolio History

Get historical token balances for your Safes in seconds, both in token value and USD equivalent.

Make month ends less painful and better monitor the financial health of your treasury over time.

DAOs and crypto organisations can use Portfolio History to:

  • Get token balances for each point in time (currently available in monthly granularity)

  • Get USD equivalents of token balances

  • View aggregated data by token category (stablecoins, ETH & BTC, and others)

  • View aggregated holdings for your entire treasury

  • View beautiful graphs to monitor your holdings over time

  • Download historical balances in csv format

And because Coinshift is multi-Safe and multi-chain, you can get a complete picture of your treasury in one place by consolidating token and USD balances across Safes.

Follow these steps to generate a Portfolio History report:

Step 1: Go to the Reports section

Navigate to the Reports section on your Coinshift dashboard and select the Portfolio History tab.

Here, you'll find a list of previously generated reports.

On this page, you can view details for each generated report:

  • Report ID

  • Created On (Creation Date)

  • Created By (name and wallet address of the member who generated the report)

  • Parameters (date range, no. of accounts )

  • Status (Completed, Processing, or Failed)

Step 2: Create a New Report

To create a new report, click the Create Report button. A window will come up where you can select the date range from predefined timelines.

Set your desired range and click Create Report.

Once initiated, the report's status will show as Processing. When the report is completed (in several seconds) it will be marked as Completed.

Step 3: Analyse and View Report

To view a completed report, click the View Report option next to the relevant entry. The report displays organisation data at monthly intervals with three viewing options:

  • Overall: Displays Safe balances in USD over the selected period

  • Tokens: Shows balances in all held assets (in USD)

  • Categories: Provides a concise data breakdown into Stablecoins, ETH & BTC, and Others

A governance/native token breakdown is coming soon.

By default, the report displays balances in USD. Hover over the graph to view the balance at specific points. The bottom of the page provides a more detailed view of each associated Safe's balance across all networks.

Step 3.a: Filter data

You can refine your report data using the following Filter criteria:

  • Assets (optional)

  • Accounts

Apply any combination of these filters to further customise your report.

Step 4: Download the Report

Click the Download button to save the report as a CSV file (with PDF support coming soon) for internal accounting or auditing purposes.

The report presents a thorough analysis of each token's monthly balances, enabling an in-depth evaluation of token holdings and their respective changes over time.

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