๐Ÿ“ŠCash Flow Tracker

Track all transactions by custom labels, tokens, accounts, and more.

Monitor both inflows and outflows of funds by token, labels, and USD values, as well as transaction counts, across multiple accounts and networks supported by Coinshift.

Key Features:

  • View aggregate incoming and outgoing balances in USD

  • View aggregated cashflow data by token category

  • Check cashflow balances as per your organisationโ€™s custom labels (also available as a pie chart breakdown)

  • Monitor data from up to 4 quarters (including the current one)

  • Export different segments (fiat, token, labels) of your cashflow data individually as CSV files

And because Coinshift is multi-Safe and multi-chain, you can get a complete picture of your treasury in one place by consolidating all incoming and outgoing balances across all Safes.

Follow the below steps to understand and refine the cashflow data or to generate a new report:

Step 1: Go to the Reports section

Navigate to the Reports section on your Coinshift dashboard and select the Cash Flow tab.

This section gives an overview of your organisation's transactions, highlighting incoming and outgoing funds in USD, net balance, operational networks, and total accounts.

Step 2: Create a report for a specific time period

Click on the Filters option to create a new report. Upon selection, a dialog box appears, asking you to input values in the following fields:

  • Date Range (optional)

  • Tokens (optional)

  • Labels (optional)

Apply any combination of these filters and hit Apply Filters.

For additional refinement, use the Accounts filter to display data by specific accounts or networks.

Your dashboard will then reflect your cash flow data accordingly.

Step 2. a: Incoming and Outgoing

In the Incoming and Outgoing section, you'll find a bar chart representing the total value of incoming and outgoing transactions in USD for the selected time period.

For detailed data views, navigate to the Daily, Monthly, or Quarterly tabs.

Step 2. b: Incoming and Outgoing by Tokens

This section categorises your organisation's balances based on individual assets.

A detailed breakdown (in different tokens) of both inflow and outflow streams can be viewed by hovering over the chart.

Step 2. c: Incoming and Outgoing by Labels

This section displays fund balances corresponding to the labels defined by your organisation.

The lower section of the page represents incoming and outgoing balances as percentages of the total for each label. This information can be viewed as a pie chart or in a linear format, helping to understand the usage of different labels.

Step 3: Download the Report

An option to download the report as a CSV file is available at each segment for additional spreadsheet analysis.

This report provides insight into your organisation's financial parameters, including cash flows, revenues, losses, and token balances over time. It equips users with the ability to examine their crypto holdings and revenue patterns, track gains and losses, and observe fluctuations in their asset portfolio.

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