View Additional Tokens

Manually add tokens that are not in the Coingecko top 1000 list.
Coinshift uses Coingecko to fetch all crypto price/market data and the application automatically pulls details of the top 1000 listed tokens as per Coingecko's ratings. However, if you wish to add tokens that are not under the top 1000, then you can follow the below steps to view the balance.
Step 1: Navigate to the Portfolio section of your dashboard. Here, you will see the Add Token button (see below screenshot). Click on that button.
Step 2: A window will appear where you need to enter the following details:
  • Network
  • Token Contract Address
Once done, click on Next.
If the information you entered is incorrect, you will receive an error message stating the contract address is invalid.
If the details are correctly entered, you will see a green check mark.
Click Confirm to complete the process and view the token in your portfolio.
Last modified 21d ago