๐Ÿช™Add Additional Tokens

Manually add tokens that are not in the Coingecko top 1000 list.

Coinshift utilises Coingecko to access market data for cryptocurrencies, automatically displaying details for the top 1000 listed tokens. However, if you would like to add tokens not included in the top 1000, kindly follow these steps to view the balance:

Step 1: Go to Portfolio

Access the Portfolio section in your dashboard. Within this area, locate and click the Add Token button (highlighted in the below screenshot).

Step 2: Fill in Token details

Upon clicking the button, a new window will appear, prompting you to provide the following details:

  • Network

  • Token Contract Address

After entering the requisite information, click on Next.

Please note that correct information will result in a green checkmark.

Conversely, if the submitted details are inaccurate, an error message will appear, indicating the contract address is invalid.

Click Confirm to finalise the process and incorporate the token into your portfolio.

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