๐Ÿ’ตToken Portfolio Tracking (ERC-20)

Live balances in token and USD values across multiple accounts and multiple networks.

View your entire on-chain treasury assets in real-time, across multiple accounts and networks that Coinshift supports.

Key insights provided by the token portfolio tracking section include

  • Aggregate balance, and breakdown of assets (stablecoins, ETH, governance/native tokens, and others)

  • Token balances per account

  • Token balances per network

  • Token balances per categories (i.e in stablecoins, ETH & BTC, others)

  • Last-fetched prices (real-time or near real-time)

  • Enhanced graphical and visual representations

  • Ability to hide tokens with USD balance < $0.01

Follow the below steps to understand and refine the portfolio data under various categories:

Step 1: Go to Portfolio

Navigate to the Portfolio section on your dashboard. Upon arrival, the interface will display the aggregate balance and breakdown of assets in stablecoins, ETH, and others by default.

Step 2: Filter Options

The portfolio section offers four filtering options for users to further refine their organisation's data in each category:

  • Tokens view

  • Categories view

  • Accounts view

  • Networks view

Step 2a: Viewing data by Token

To display data by token, choose the Tokens view option from the drop-down menu.

The application will present an overview of all assets within the portfolio, including network, current price, token balance, fiat balance, and percentage value.

Switch to the chart view to observe token statistics displayed in a bar chart.

Step 2b: Viewing data by Categories

To organise data based on categories (stablecoins, ETH & BTC, others), select the Categories view from the drop-down menu.

Click on the chart view to see the desired data in a bar chart format.

Step 2c: Viewing data by Accounts

Choose the Accounts view from the drop-down menu to categorise data according to individual accounts.

This option provides a summary of each account, covering essential details such as account name, associated network, balance, tokens, threshold, and more.

To display the account information in a graphical format, switch to the chart view.

Step 2d: Viewing data by Network

To organise data based on network holdings, select the Networks view from the drop-down menu.

This will showcase the organisation's data according to user holdings across various networks.

Similarly, you may opt for the chart view to visualise the organisation's data related to the different networks supported by Coinshift.

Step 3: Filter by specific token

To view your portfolio data for specific tokens, utilise the highlighted option below to apply the desired filter.

Step 4: Hide balances less than $0.01

Utilise the below-highlighted option if you do not wish to see the tokens with balances less than $0.01.

Read the next article to learn how to manually add additional tokens such as your project governance tokens.

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