๐Ÿค–NFT Portfolio Tracking

View NFTs across multiple accounts and multiple networks.

View and track all your Non-Fungible Tokens (including both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards) by floor price, across multiple accounts and networks that Coinshift supports.

NFT Portfolio tracking offers the following features:

  1. Switch between a card view and a list view based on your preference.

  2. Search by NFT or Collection

  3. View NFT grouped by Collection, Account, or Network

  4. Spam NFTs are hidden (by default)

Coinshift's multi-safe, multi-chain capabilities offer a holistic view of your treasury by consolidating NFT holdings across all Safes in a single interface.

Follow these steps to explore the NFT section:

Step 1: Access the Portfolio Section

Navigate to the Portfolio section on your Coinshift dashboard and select the NFTs tab.

Step 1. a: View by NFT

The NFTs view is the default mode, and NFTs are displayed in card view, organised by floor price.

You can switch to list view to see NFTs details i.e. NFT ID, Collection, Network, and Floor Price for each NFT.

Select any NFT from your portfolio to view detailed information about it, including

  • Collection Name

  • Owner Address

  • Floor Price

  • Network

  • Token Type (ERC 721, or 1155)

  • NFT Address

  • Description

  • NFT Traits

Step 1. b: View by Collection

Switch to the Collections view to group NFTs by collection. This view includes the following information:

  • Collection Name

  • Number of NFTs you own

  • Aggregate Floor Price

Switch to list view to display the information i.e. NFT ID, Collection, Network, and Floor Price about each NFT in the collection you hold.

Step 1. c: View by Account

Select Accounts view to group NFTs by different accounts within an organisation. You can view the aggregate token value (by floor price) of all NFTs associated with a particular Safe.

Toggle to the list view to view the details i.e. NFT ID, Collection, and Floor Price for the NFTs corresponding to each account.

Step 1.d: View by Network

The Networks view groups NFTs based on the different networks that Coinshift supports. Assess the total holdings in each network with this view.

Switch to list view to display the data i.e. NFT ID, Collection, and Floor Price for the NFTs grouped by network.

Step 2: Search NFTs

Search by collection or NFT by using the below-highlighted field.

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