๐ŸšฎDeactivate Member

Learn to remove the Members of your organisations.

Signers or Members might need to deactivate an existing Member from an organisation if the individual has departed from the project or is no longer affiliated with it. The process for deactivating a Member is easy and straightforward.

Follow these steps to deactivate a Member from an organisation:

Step 1: Accessing the Setting-> Member section

Navigate to the Settings section of your dashboard, where you will find the list of active Members within the organisation.

Step 2: Identify the Member to deactivate

Locate the Member you wish to deactivate and click on the delete icon next to their wallet address.

Step 3: Confirm Member deactivation

A window will appear prompting you to approve the Member deactivation process. If you agree to proceed, click on Deactivate Member to confirm the action.

Upon completion, the Member will be removed from the active Members list on your organisation's dashboard.

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