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Expand your team by inviting any wallet address as Members to view your dashboard and propose transactions.

Safe Signers or Members have the ability to invite community users to join their organisation as Members. There are two methods to add Members to a Safe:

  • Define Members (add addresses) while setting up the Safe

  • Use the Add Member option (after creating the Safe)

Method 1: Defining Members during Safe setup

This option allows you to define the Safe Members while setting up the Safe. The Main Signers then need to invite other Members to join the Safe. Please refer to this guide on how to create a Safe, add Members during the setup process, and subsequently invite them to join an existing organisation.

Method 2: Adding Members to an existing Safe

This option enables you to add a Member to an existing Safe.

Adding a Member will not affect the threshold required to approve transactions within the Safe.

Follow the steps below to add Members to an existing Safe:

Step 1: Accessing the Add Member option

Navigate to the Settings section of your dashboard. Locate the Add Member button and click on it.

Step 2: Enter Member wallet or ens address

The application will prompt you to enter the ENS or wallet address of the user. Provide the necessary information and click on the Invite Member button.

The user has now been invited to join Safe. (see the screenshot below).

Step 3: Accept the invitation to join organisation

Next, the invited user must visit the Coinshift app and register as a new user (Sign Up), if not already a user. Upon successful registration, the user will see a list of all pending invitations to join organisations.

They must either accept or decline each invitation by clicking on the Accept or Reject button, respectively.

Step 4: Check new Member details on the dashboard

If the user accepts the invitation, their name will appear on the active Members list within the organisation. They will then have the ability to manage non-transactional Safe activities.

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