๐Ÿ‘คMember Management

Managing and understanding the roles, and responsibilities of Members.

In Coinshift, the Member role within a Safe represents users with limited permissions, primarily focused on performing non-transactional activities.

Members are restricted from executing transactional actions that directly affect Safe's asset.

As a Member, the allowed activities include:

This access level enables Members to contribute to the management of the Safe without granting them transactional authority.

To locate the Members tab, navigate to the Settings area. A standard Members tab appears as follows:

At the top, it displays information about Members who are either Active or have been invited by the Signers/Members to participate in the Safe.

The Pending Invitations segment lists the addresses of users who have been added by the Safe Signers to join the Safe but have not yet received an invitation to do so.

For further information on the Members section, refer to the following articles:

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