๐Ÿช™Mass Payout in a Single Token

Sent tokens to single or multiple recipients in a single transaction.

This article outlines the steps to perform a Mass Payout in a single token.

Step 1: Initiate mass payout by selecting Safe address

Click on New Transfer appearing on your dashboard. You can see the below screen.

Select the Safe address you want to work with, then click on the Mass Payout option.

Step 2: Enter token and recipient details

A window will appear where you need to fill in the following details:

  • Pay using (Token type)

  • Pay to (Recipient Name (optional), and Address)

  • Amount

Fill in the recipient details (one or many) required for the mass payout.

Once you are done, click Next.

Step 3: Review and confirm the mass payout summary

Carefully review the transaction details displayed on the Summary page. Optionally, add Labels and Notes in the designated section.

If the summary is accurate, click Create Proposal.

Step 4: Await Safe Signers' approval and monitor transaction status

The proposal will be created. Safe Signers must approve the proposal to execute the transaction.

Monitor the transaction status (success or failure) from the dashboard.

Refer to the subsequent articles to learn about mass payouts in different tokens to multiple users.

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