๐Ÿ“คFund Management

Learn about the various methods for transferring funds through Coinshift.

Payouts are one of Coinshift's core services. Using this service, users can transfer assets to any exchange account or non-custodial wallets with comparable network fees and seamless experiences. Coinshift offers these customisable payment options:

  • Single Payout

  • Mass Payout

  • Batch Payout

Explore these payment methods to enhance your asset transfer experience.

Coinshift is primarily designed for organisations seeking to efficiently manage mass transactions to streamline their payment processes. However, it also accommodates payouts to individual users.

To initiate a single payout, input the recipient's wallet or ENS address and confirm the transaction when prompted. If the recipient is a registered contact within your organisation, their address can be easily selected. Enter the transfer details and amount, then confirm the transaction to complete the process.

The Mass Payout feature allows fund transfers to multiple recipients- up to 150 wallets in a single transaction. This limit ensures manageable gas costs during the process.

Coinshift offers three methods for inputting recipient details for mass payouts:

  • Upload CSV - Import recipient information from a CSV file

  • Add from Contacts - Utilise recipient details from your existing Contacts section

  • Add More - Manually input one or more recipients' wallet addresses

These options provide flexibility and convenience for executing mass payouts on the Coinshift application.

The Add Batch feature allows for the creation of multiple batches within a single transaction, providing the flexibility to assign different cryptocurrencies for each batch. This enables the transfer of various tokens (e.g., USDT, MATIC, DAI, USDC, etc) to multiple recipients in a single transaction.

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