Edit Contact

Edit existing contacts of your organisation.
Signers and Members possess the capability to modify member contact information as needed. With the exception of the address field, they can add and revise the majority of fields within the Contacts section.
Follow these steps to edit a contact.

Step 1: Locate the Edit icon

Locate the edit icon (highlighted in the below screenshot) adjacent to the member whose details require updating, and click on it.

Step 2: Modify Contact information

A window will emerge, prompting you to modify the information. For instance, the following adjustments are being made to a contact:
  • Network removal (reverting to default)
  • Name modification
  • Email inclusion
  • Contact Group assignment
Upon completion, save the changes.
Contact Groups are a feature included in v2 aimed at improving your experience by making classifying data more efficient. We have made contacts group-able data in v2. You can create groups based on teams within your organisation, such as marketing, community, expense wallet, or vendors.

Step 3: Verify changed Contacts

Navigate to the Contacts section to verify the successful modification of the targeted member's details.