Bulk Import Contact

Upload multiple contacts for your organisation using .CSV files.
Uploading a large number of contacts on the Coinshift application can be accomplished easily and efficiently by utilising .CSV files.
Adhering to the proper file format is crucial for a successful upload. Consequently, it is recommended to examine the sample file format available in the dashboard before preparing a similar file for uploading your contacts.
Ensure compliance with the appropriate file format to upload your contact data. The Coinshift application will display a warning message if the file format is incorrect.
Below are the steps to upload contact data via .CSV files:

Step 1: Locate the Import CSV option

To initiate the bulk import process, locate and click on the Import CSV button (denoted by red in the below screenshot).

Step 2: Upload Contact data in a .CSV file

You will be directed to a new page where the .CSV file upload option is available.
To ensure proper formatting, click on the Download Sample CSV button (highlighted in red in the attached screenshot) to obtain a sample file. Use this sample as a reference when preparing your own .CSV file for contact data.
Next, click on Drag & drop or click to upload a link to upload your contacts. A screen similar to the one below will appear. Data fields that do not satisfy the file format will be highlighted in red font. Click Import to complete the process.
Once done, the contacts will be visible in your Contacts section.