Transaction Builder

Simplify your DeFi moves, interact & strategise with smart contracts in a single transaction.

The Transaction Builder is an application designed for batched transactions. With it, you can group multiple actions, from basic token transfers to more advanced smart contract tasks, into one single transaction. This bundled transaction can then be confirmed and executed at once. The application provides a clear visual guide, helping you through the stages of adding, editing, reviewing, and finally submitting your combined tasks.

Using Transaction Builder through Coinshift apps can offer Treasury Managers multiple benefits, including

  • Simplicity & Efficiency- Bundling several operations into a single transaction, saving time, and reducing complexity

  • Visual Guidance- An intuitive interface ensures users navigate through the batch creation process effortlessly and with clarity

  • Diverse Use Cases- Capable of handling a range of transaction types, including smart contract operations

  • Enhanced DEX Interaction- Streamline processes within decentralised exchanges by converting two-step tasks into a single efficient action

  • Cost Efficiency- By minimising the number of transactions, potentially reduce associated gas fees and other costs

Follow the below steps to create batch transactions using the Transaction Builder.

Step 1: Go to Apps and connect to Transaction Builder

Navigate to the Apps section on your Coinshift dashboard.

Locate and select Transaction Builder from the list of apps.

You will be presented with a window displaying the supported networks. Choose a Safe from any of the networks that are compatible with the Transaction Builder.

Select the Safe for this operation and click Open App.

Step 2: Create a batch transaction

You will be redirected to the main interface of the Transaction Builder.

Using the transaction builder requires technical expertise. Ensure you possess sufficient knowledge before initiating or editing any transaction.

For this procedure, we have prepared a JSON file embedded with hex data to execute two batched transactions.

  • Swap tokens on ParaSwap

  • Supply tokens on AAVE

Prepare a similar file that supports your requirement.

Select the choose a file option to navigate and upload the desired JSON file.

If the file format is correct, the transaction data will appear on the dashboard, and you'll see a screen similar to the provided screenshot.

Utilise the options at the top to save, download, or delete the complete set of transaction details. Individual transaction edits and deletion options are also available.

After finalising your batch, hit Create Batch.

Step 3: Review and confirm your Transaction

Thoroughly inspect your batch. At this step, you can modify or remove a transaction if necessary.

Once you are satisfied, click Send Batch. This action will generate a proposal within Coinshift. Attach any relevant notes or labels and then select Create Proposal.

Note that, transaction details are presented in a clear, human-readable format (see screenshot), providing essential information for other Safe Signers to review.

A proposal will be created for the designated Signers to either Approve or Discard as necessary.

Step 4: Action on Proposal

Signers can take one of three actions on a proposal:

  • Proposal Rejection- If any Safe Signer rejects the proposal, it will be discarded Off-Chain.

  • Proposal Approval and Execution- If the number of votes in favor of the proposal meets Safe's required threshold, the transaction will be submitted to the network.

  • On-Chain Transaction Rejection- Even after a proposal has been approved, it can still be turned down in the on-chain stage. This can happen if a Safe Signer initially approves the proposal, moving it into the on-chain queue, but other Safe Signers decide to use the On-Chain Rejection option to stop the transaction.

The proposal has received the necessary signatures, as shown in the screenshot below, and the transaction will be submitted to the network.

Wait for the transaction to complete. Upon successful completion, you can check your dashboard to verify the desired actions.

Please contact our customer support on Twitter or Discord if you are interacting with a custom smart contract and the human-readable sentence doesn't show up. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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