๐Ÿ“ฑCoinshift Apps

Explore supported dApps, and experience human-readable interactions directly from your multi-sig Safes.

In the past, dealing with multi-sig DeFi transactions meant understanding the complicated hex data. Now, with Coinshift Apps, hex data is converted into clear, human-readable sentences, boosting your confidence in transaction signing.

You can navigate to the Apps section of their Coinshift dashboard to see the list of different supporting dApps.

Under Apps, interact with the following dApps:

AAVECoW SwapHedgey1inchLI.FIParaSwapRequest FinanceSuperfluidTransaction Builder

Coinshift Apps provide a seamless way for users to access dApps directly from a multi-sig interface. The dApps are integrated inside an HTML iframe, and by leveraging the Safe Apps SDK, users can interact with the dApp without leaving the multi-sig interface.

Together with existing functionality, our latest release brings a superior multi-sig experience:

  • Proposals - Signers and non-signers easily create and discard off-chain proposals, avoiding blocked transactions in the multi-sig queue

  • Human-Readable Transactions- Transactions are decoded into a human-readable format, enhancing confidence for Safe Signers during approvals and execution

  • Decoded Financial Data- decoded data is translated into financial data, making DeFi bookkeeping possible

  • Transaction Context- Add custom labels and notes for clarity

  • Notifications- Get transaction updates on Slack and Discord

  • Gas Estimation- 95% accuracy rate in gas estimation

Learn how to interact with various dApps in the upcoming articles.

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