๐ŸšฎRemove Account

Steps to remove an account from an organisation.

Signers can remove an account from their organisation if the account is no longer needed. Prior to initiating the removal process, it is crucial to verify that the account does not contain any remaining balances or to transfer any existing assets to an alternative account.

Follow these steps to remove an account from your organisation:

Step 1: Accessing the remove account option

Navigate to the Accounts sections. Here you will see a list of all your Safes housed in your organisation.

Identify the account you intend to remove and click on it to expand its options. Locate the ellipsis symbol, and upon clicking, the Remove Account option will appear.

Step 2: Confirm account removal

Select the Remove Account option. A confirmation prompt will emerge, requesting verification of the account's removal. Click the Remove button to finalise the process.

Upon completion, the selected account will no longer be visible in the Accounts section of your dashboard.

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