๐ŸงฑUnified Dashboard

A single app to manage your on-chain treasury. Payments, reporting, and asset management for startups, DAOs, and organisations.

Coinshift's unified dashboard simplifies multi-chain asset management for Safes across 10 different blockchain networks. This all-in-one solution enables tracking, monitoring, reporting, and management of your on-chain treasuries, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

With Coinshift, gain access to a complete view of your Safes' balances, transaction history, and asset distribution through a single intuitive interface.

At Coinshift, our primary objective is to deliver a smooth user experience while maintaining the integrity of the self-custody layer, which includes Safes, wallets, and smart contracts.

We prioritise your security and autonomy by never taking custody of your funds, ensuring that you retain full control over your assets.

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