Coinshift simplifies treasury operations for users, delivers actionable insights to financial managers, and increases transparency for communities and investors.
We are creating the foundational toolkit for on-chain treasury management covering payments, reporting, and asset management.
Some of the benefits of using Coinshift are:
  • A unified dashboard: Make payments and generate financial reports across multiple accounts and chains
  • Safe integration: Self-custody of your assets using the most secure and trusted multi-sig solution
  • Simplified Payments: Process payroll, grants, and expenses with confidence and ease
  • Accurate and auditable reporting: Get real-time insights into the health of your treasury, generate financial reports, and increase transparency for your community and investors
  • Coinshift Apps integration: Seamlessly connect with essential applications to streamline your financial operations and enhance productivity
  • Instant Notifications: Stay informed and react promptly with real-time notifications about your treasury's activities, ensuring you never miss a beat
  • Human readable data: Clearly displays the intended actions, giving the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th signers confidence when signing/executing a transaction
  • Custom labels and notes: Increase the transparency and efficiency of treasury record-keeping
Our mission at Coinshift is to increase the financial health of organisations.