FAQ: Onboarding

Discover answers to all your onboarding-related queries here.
How to get access to the Coinshift v2 invite?
Although v2 is not yet live, visit this link to join the waitlist for early access.
How do I get started with Coinshift?
To begin using Coinshift for managing your on-chain treasury and assets, simply refer to the articles mentioned in the below two sections:
Both sections will guide you through the necessary steps based on your desired activity, ensuring you have all the information at your fingertips to navigate Coinshift confidently.
Why is it necessary for me to provide both an email address and a Twitter handle for raising a Request for access to the Coinshift App?
Coinshift is currently operating with restricted access to maintain the app's integrity and user experience. Requiring both an email address and a Twitter handle helps us verify that access requests are genuine. The email aids in direct communication and verification, while the Twitter handle offers an additional authenticity check. This approach enables us to prioritise genuine users, ensuring a seamless onboarding process and maintaining a secure, dedicated environment for all.
Is Sign up mandatory for all users, including Signers and Members, to access the Coinshift application?
Absolutely. Every user must Sign up to complete the onboarding process. After the Main Signer (the individual initiating the access request) has been granted an access request, subsequent team members can join the organisation using a provided invitation link. Remember, to be part of an organisation on Coinshift, each member or Signer needs to Sign up.
Follow this article for detailed information on Sign Up.
What does linking my wallet at Coinshift mean?
Linking your wallet at Coinshift is a verification step, requiring you to sign a message during login/ Sign up to confirm address ownership. Importantly, this procedure does not grant Coinshift permission to execute transactions on your behalf, ensuring a secure user experience.
My team members have already received access. Do I need to submit a separate access request to join them?
No, there's no need to raise a separate access request. If your team has already been granted access, simply reach out to the admin (the primary Signer) of your organisation. They can send you an invitation to join the organisation as either a Signer or Member, based on your role within the team. This way, you can easily collaborate with your teammates and access the Coinshift app and its features.
I've been invited by my organisation's admin to join, but the application is directing me to the "Request Access" page. Do I need to submit an access request?
No need for another access request if your team already has been granted access. Ensure you're signing up with the same Metamask address used when the Main Signers established the Safe. If you're still being redirected to the "Request Access" page, consider the following possibilities:
  • Incorrect Wallet Address: Double-check that you're using the right wallet address.
  • Missing Invitation: It's possible the invitation to join the organisation wasn't sent. Consult with your team and have them send the appropriate invitation for your role, whether as a Signer or Member.
Is there a limit on the number of organisations and associated accounts I can create in Coinshift?
As of now, there's no set limit on the number of Organisations or the Accounts under each organisation you can create. However, for optimal dashboard performance, we recommend keeping the number of accounts in an organisation under 10. The number of organisations you have won't significantly impact performance.
I have multiple organisations and accounts in Coinshift linked to my primary wallet address as the Main Signer. Can I establish a new organisation (under it) without linking it to this primary address?
When creating an organisation in Coinshift, the app will default to using the currently connected wallet address as the Main Signer. To set up an organisation under a different wallet address, you'll need to initiate a separate access request using the desired wallet address. Please note that once linked, there's no option to remove or disassociate the connected wallet address.
Can I integrate Safes from different apps where I'm a Signer into Coinshift?
Absolutely. Coinshift supports the integration of Safes from various apps. Simply use the Add Existing Safe feature in Coinshift. This option allows you to incorporate all Safes associated with your connected wallet address. Ensure that the Safes you wish to add are linked to the same wallet address you've connected with Coinshift.
How can I switch my wallet and connect it with the Coinshift app?
To connect the Coinshift app with a new wallet, kindly follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Disconnect your current wallet by selecting the Disconnect Wallet option.
  2. 2.
    Navigate to your Metamask wallet and choose the account you wish to connect.
  3. 3.
    Return to the Coinshift app and attempt to reconnect with your wallet.
Please note, if the address of your chosen Metamask account isn't whitelisted, the app will redirect you to the Request Access page. Ensure your account is whitelisted to successfully connect your wallet with the Coinshift app.
Can I delete or edit an organisation in Coinshift?
Currently, you do not have the ability to directly delete or modify an organisation from their Coinshift dashboard. For such changes, please submit a request through our Discord channel, and our team will assist you accordingly.
In the Accounts section, why are certain Signers or Members labeled as “unnamed members” despite having assigned names to them?
The designation of "unnamed member" typically appears when the respective Signers or Members have not yet Signed up with the Coinshift app. Upon successful completion of their sign-up, their designated names should be displayed accurately.
Please contact customer support if you have questions about Coinshift that remain unanswered after reading this documentation or are in need of tech support. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.