Review the list of transactions pending execution.

In Coinshift's multi-sig Safes, queued transactions require manual execution. To maintain the state and balance of your Safe effectively, transactions must be executed in the order they are queued. If a transaction is executed out of order, it will be frozen until resolved.

To avoid this issue, examine the Nonce field and execute transactions with smaller nonce values before progressing to those with higher nonce values.

For additional clarification, we highly recommend watching the below GIF closely. It explains why it's important to execute the transactions in the right order.

Observe the cautionary message displayed when a user attempts to execute the most recent transaction without first processing the existing queued transactions.

Upon receiving the necessary number of signatures, which meets Safe's threshold, a transaction is ready for execution.

Click on the transaction.

Locate and select the Execute option to submit the transaction to the network.

Successfully executed transactions will appear in the History tab.

Signers who fulfill Safe's threshold with their transaction approval may utilise a streamlined command called Approve and Execute. This command allows the Signer to approve and execute the transaction in one step, rather than performing two separate actions.

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