๐Ÿ”ฐActive And Discarded Proposals

View and manage active and discarded proposals in Coinshift.

Users can follow the steps outlined below to access the list of Active or Discarded proposals within the Coinshift app.

Step 1: Access Proposals (under Transactions)

Navigate to the Transactions section, where you will find the Proposals tab. The interface will resemble the provided screenshot.

The upper portion of the page displays a list of Active Proposals, while the lower portion houses the Discarded Proposals.

Please be aware that Coinshift incorporates Multi-safe and Multi-chain capabilities, enabling your dashboard to present a consolidated view of transactions from all Safes associated with your organisation across all supported networks under the Proposals, Queue, and History tabs.

Step 2: Approve or reject proposals as a Signer

Within the Active Proposal section, Signers are granted the ability to select proposals for either approval or rejection.

Following approval, the proposal will advance to the Queue, where it will be prepared for execution.

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