WalletConnect Integration

Discover all you need to know about our integration with WalletConnect.
Managing crypto treasury assets among distributed team members can be stressful and time-consuming.
To alleviate this for you and deliver the best experience possible, Coinshift v2 integrates WalletConnect. This integration enables you to create transactions with your favorite dApps directly from your Gnosis multisig account.
Seamlessly providing liquidity on Aave, building investment strategies using Instadapp, going multi-chain with LiFi, or interacting with the abundance of other popular dApps is a cinch for you with your Coinshift safe now.
How Coinshift v2 users can interact with dApps through WalletConnect
As an example, we will show you how to create a transaction to provide liquidity on AAVE.
Step 1: Access Coinshift
Log in to your Coinshift V2 dashboard, where you will see the WalletConnect button at the top of the page.
Step 2: Connect With AAVE
To interact with Aave directly from Coinshift, connect to WalletConnect by following these steps.
Click on Connect Wallet. The application will display a list of wallet types that you can use. Choose WalletConnect.
The application will display a QR code that you can copy. Click the Copy to clipboard button to do so.
Once you have copied it, go to your Coinshift v2 dashboard and click on WalletConnect.
Enter the following details:
  • Select the safe address you want to transact from
  • Paste the QR address copied from AAVE
Next, click on Connect. You will soon see you have made a connection to AAVE protocol. This connection is only set up for this specific transaction and can be disconnected anytime.
Step 3: Create a Transaction (Supply Into AAVE)
Coinshift initially creates all transactions as proposals. The purpose behind this is to allow for flexibility in which transactions to approve and in what order.
Anyone within an organization on Coinshift can create proposals, but only signers can approve them. If approved, proposals will go to the other signers for on-chain approval and execution.
Go to the AAVE landing page, where you will see that your selected safe is connected. It also displays your token balance (MATIC balance in this instance, since we are using the Polygon network).
If you wish to deposit tokens into the protocol, click on the Supply button and enter the amount of the token you wish to deposit.
Click on Supply MATIC. You will receive a prompt to Create a Proposal on your Coinshift dashboard. Enter notes and labels on the transaction as you desire.
Click on Create Proposal. A proposal will be created for the signers to either Approve or Reject.
Note that you can discard proposals without needing to pay any network fees.
Step 4: Approve a Proposal
To execute the proposal, you must first approve it. Click on the Approve Proposal button to do so. The Coinshift dashboard will show the approval status of each safe signer.
As you can see from the below screenshot, this proposal was approved by the initiator.
This safe only requires two approvals since its threshold is two. The second signer can Approve & Execute the transaction.
The approval workflow now shows Signer-1 as the executor of the transaction.
Congrats! You have successfully created and executed your Coinshift-AAVE transaction via WalletConnect.
Your tokens will now be deposited into the protocol. You can check your deposit details directly on the AAVE dashboard.
Step 5: Withdraw From AAVE
You can borrow assets after depositing collateral into the AAVE protocol.
However, if you want to withdraw your assets, you need to click on the Withdraw button, as shown in the ee the above screenshot.
The withdraw window will appear. Once it does, enter the amount of the asset(s) you wish to withdraw. You will need to approve the withdrawal among your Coinshift safe owners before actually withdrawing the assets from the protocol.
Once approved, you can proceed with the withdrawal.
Click Withdraw to complete the process. Doing so will trigger a transaction to create a proposal in Coinshift.
Follow the same steps to either approve or discard the proposal. If approved, other safe owners will need to approve it in line with the safe's threshold in order to execute the transaction. Once completed, you can check the status of the transaction from both AAVE (your deposit will become zero) and Coinshift (transaction completion status).