More on Coinshift dashboard.
Once users register or import existing safe on our dapp, transactions are seamless and can be done in few clicks.
Follow the steps below for a better understanding -
Dashboard includes -
  • Name
  • Total balance
  • Income & Expense
  • Recent transactions - View all will redirect to the transaction page
  • Bell icon i.e the notifications for all your activities on Coinshift.
Click here to check the detailed guide on New Transfer.
Home will redirects users to the Homepage.
People - Hassle-free management of team and people.
Exchange - Exchange your assets on Coinshift - powered by Paraswap
Assets - Detailed overview of your asset holdings.
Clicking on 'View all' will redirect users to the assets page -
Transactions - Detailed view of all the transactions. The button on the top right corner of the transaction page will help in exporting all the transaction data.
Support - This will redirect users to our discord channel. Our team members are always available on discord.
Docs - This will redirect to Coinshift documentation.
Find this on the top left corner of the dashboard.
Safe Address - includes the Safe address of the Owner/ Organisation.
Switch Account - If you have two different accounts on Coinshift, and want to login to the other one then just click on Switch Account.
Logout - For going back to the Coinshift Sign Up page.
Settings - This will redirect users to the settings page that includes two main functionalities -
  1. 1.
    Invite Users.
  2. 2.
    Spending limits.
Click here for a detailed guide on Settings.
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