Import existing Gnosis Safe Account
You need to have gnosis account to import existing account on Coinshift.
You need to have a Gnosis-safe multi-sig account in order to import an account on Coinshift.
Before importing keep a check on -
  • Safe Address
  • Assets
  • Owners
  • Policies
These details should be similar on Coinshift Account as of Gnosis Safe Account.
So, follow the steps to import existing account -
Step 1 - Click on the ‘Import Existing Safe’ button.
Step 2 - Choose Gnosis safe account, such that all the transaction details are visible on the Coinshift dashboard.
Step 3 - Out of 3 options select any one (Individuals, Company, or DAO) as required.
Note - Click here to know the further steps. It is the same as explained in Create new account
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