Coinshift v2 Overview

An overview of what you can do with Coinshift v2.
Coinshift v2 is the most simple, flexible, and efficient multichain treasury management platform for organizations using Gnosis safe available. It is designed to enhance your treasury management capabilities and increase organizational efficiency with a host of capabilities.
  • Unified dashboard: Manage and monitor your assets across 7 chains in a single dashboard, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Optimism, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Gnosis Chain.
  • Mass payments: Manage payroll, grants, airdrops, and more — send crypto assets to 150 addresses in a single transaction and save up to 90% gas fees.
  • Stream payments: Put payroll on autopilot — say goodbye to a 10+step process including chasing signers just to run payroll on time. Delight contributors with-real time money streams that pay every second with our native Superfluid integration.
  • Live portfolio tracking: View your entire treasury in real-time and in USD equivalent.
  • Historical Portfolio Tracking: Verifiable, accurate, and auditable historical token balances for easy month-end accounting. [COMING SOON]
  • Cash flow analytics: View all incoming and outgoing transactions across all your Gnosis Safes. Apply transaction label filters to see a breakdown of salaries paid, grants issued, and more. Apply filters on your treasury tokens, such as USDC, ETH, and native tokens. [COMING SOON]
  • Historical transactions: Export your entire transaction history for month-end accounting organized with custom labels and notes.
  • Interact with dApps: Create transactions directly from your Gnosis Safe multi-sig, powered by WalletConnect (in beta).
  • Role-based access control: Invite any address to your organization and assign them read and write permissions.
  • Global contacts: Add contact names for wallet addresses to ensure you send funds to the correct wallet addresses. Coinshift also supports ENS.
  • Proposals: Non-signers can create proposals, reducing the burden on multi-sig signers.
Coming soon:
  • EOA portfolio tracking and cashflow analytics
  • Vesting smart contract tracking and analytics
  • Payment requests
  • Automated payments
The new architecture used in v2 enables your organization to efficiently consolidate your Gnosis safes across multiple networks and manage treasury balances with multisig functionality, all on a single dashboard, seamlessly housed in one organization. v2 users will have access to contacts, labels, budgets, reporting, and advanced access level control of safes, signers, and non-signers.
Coinshift enables you the flexibility to store funds in different safes and map them across your sub-DAOs (or your equivalent), as well as create automated payment rules, a robust multi-signature approval process, an integrated reporting dashboard, and manage roles.
  • Main Signer: Create a multi-signature smart contract wallet, such as a Gnosis Safe, seamlessly integrated with Coinshift across multiple networks, to manage funds using a single dashboard.
  • Organization: Create an organization (or many!) associated with your treasury in Coinshift. Decentralize them by adding more signers and upping your safes' multi-signature threshold.
  • Safe: Store your organization's treasury in a safe and systematize the fund's allocation as you need. Safes can have multiple signers and require confirmation from a preset number of signers (threshold) for every transaction.
  • Signers: Approve or reject transactions and play your part in the multi-signature process. On-chain transaction execution on Coinshift requires your team’s signature in order to satisfy your safe's threshold.
  • Non-signers: Create proposals and contribute to make your treasury operations exponentially more efficient for your entire team, even without signing rights.
  • Reporting (coming soon): Deploy custom asset allocation strategies with built-in tagging (labels) and reporting to seamlessly organize the data you need.
Onboarding into Coinshift v2? Continue reading to get started.